The Invincible Returns to PGA!

An exceptional game based on the works of Stanisław Lem will make its appearance at Poznań Game Arena exactly one month before its official release in the 11 bit studios zone.

The Invincible, the latest production from Starward Industries, will be showcased at the Poznań Game Arena 2023 in the 11 bit studios zone. This year, PGA 2023 attendees will have the opportunity to play two different demos of the game. Additionally, in the 11 bit studios zone, visitors can also see a custom-built computer for The Invincible, created in collaboration with AMD.

The Invincible features an atompunk, retro-futuristic style and a story that touches on various themes. Players will not only face an unprecedented threat but also their own prejudices and insatiable human ambitions. Their task will be to find an answer to the question: should humanity really try to dominate everything it discovers along its way?

The game is based on the themes of the iconic novel by Stanisław Lem. It's a narrative science-fiction adventure that will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on November 6th. Players will assume the role of astrobiologist Yasna, whose mission is to locate her own crew when they disappear during a scientific mission on the uncharted planet of Regis III.

For visitors, this will be another opportunity to experience the game created by Starward Industries. A year ago, PGA participants had the chance to play the game's first demo version, which received very positive feedback from players who gave The Invincible high ratings in surveys.

The 11 bit studios booth will be located in pavilion number 7. 11 bit studios is a developer of multi-platform games sold worldwide. The company specializes in producing independent games. Titles created by 11 bit studios are well-received by both players and the global gaming press, resulting in numerous awards.