Starfield at PGA 2023!

One of the most highly anticipated releases of this year will make its presence felt at this year's Poznań Game Arena. However, the list of attractions prepared by Xbox and Bethesda in their joint area is decidedly longer.

Xbox and Bethesda Return to PGA

Xbox and Bethesda made a strong presence at PGA last year. During the event, attendees had the chance to meet a life-sized Vasco from the game Starfield, play Deathloop, and, on the occasion of the Fallout series' milestone birthday, see an exhibition of weapons and game elements. This year's zone will be even larger and offer even more fun and positive experiences.

Unique Titles at PGA

Among the many games that will appear in the zone, the biggest star will undoubtedly be Starfield. This is a new space-based role-playing game in which players take on the role of space explorers. As in every game from the studio, we create the adventure - we can choose who we want to be and engage in world exploration, building ships, recruiting crews, and discovering new planets, or follow the main storyline and seek answers to the question: what is really out there?

A few days after its release, Bethesda Game Studios' production is receiving excellent reviews from players, and reviewers unanimously point to it as one of the top contenders for the Game of the Year title. PGA will feature numerous props, models, and cosplayers, creating an incredible intergalactic world.

In addition, in the Xbox and Bethesda joint zone, there will be several other interesting titles:

  • Fallout 76 - the online part of the iconic RPG game series, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year! In Fallout 76, players take on the roles of residents of Vault 76, who must work together to rebuild Appalachia in West Virginia while uncovering the history of the place and the factions that operate within it. Fallout 76 also features full-fledged online gameplay with seasons, group tasks, and challenges for experienced players.

  • HI-FI RUSH - a hit rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks, featuring Chai, a would-be rock star. Thanks to an MP3 player implanted in place of his heart, Chai can literally FEEL the music, allowing him to engage in mayhem on a completely new, rhythmic level in unique gameplay.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom - ESO is one of the most popular MMO games played by over 22 million gamers. The game allows players to enter the familiar world of The Elder Scrolls but with friends, to explore entirely new stories, discover known places, and even visit well-known cities and regions, albeit at a different stage in the world's history. The latest chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, Necrom, is the seventh major expansion for the game, taking players to the Telvanni Peninsula and the Apocrypha, the daedric dimension of Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Knowledge.

  • Quake II Remaster - an updated version of the legendary sci-fi FPS shooter. As a lone soldier trapped on an alien planet, you must confront the Strogg army and thwart their plans to invade Earth. The remaster includes all the original levels and add-ons, a completely new set of missions prepared by MachineGames, and all known modes, including the iconic multiplayer.