Silence of the Siren at PGA 2023

Oxymoron Games will showcase itself in the indie games zone.

 About studio:

Oxymoron games is an indie game studio based in Prague which created the successful strategy/sim Project Hospital. With veterans who worked on games ranging from Mafia II and III, Quantum Break, Total War: Three Kingdoms to Top Spin 4, Silent Hill: Downpour or Euro Truck Simulator 2, the studio has been growing and is now fully focusing on Silence of the Siren.

About Silence of the Siren

Silence of the Siren is a turn-based strategy game in which you will be thrown into a chaotic universe where several spacefaring civilizations are fighting over control of a distant star system and trying to discover its dark history. Explore different planets, gather resources to expand your bases, raise an army and defeat your opponents!