Saint Row at PGA!


The production by Deep Silver Volition will be avaikabke in the PLAION zone. This is the second confirmed title that will be waiting for players there.

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About the game

Welcome to Santo Ileso, a lively fictional city in the heart of America's Southwest. In a world filled with vice, where gangs fight for power, a group of adolescent friends embark on their own criminal venture, slowly climbing to the top and striving for independent domination in the criminal underworld.

With Neenah, Kevin, and Eli by your side, you will lead the Saints. You will face together Los Panteros, Idols and Marshalls, while building your empire in the streets of Santo Ileso and fighting for power in the city. Saints Row is the story of a promising start-up, a simple industry in which this young company operates is ... organized crime.

Saints Row is the largest and the best playground to date in the series. The unique, expansive Santo Ileso will be the backdrop of a wild, epic adventure full of swindles, criminal ventures and extortion, where you shoot, ride and fly all the way to the top in a wingsuit.

Express yourself and free your inner Saint with the most advanced character creator in open world game history - customise your character, car and the gang to math what you have always dreamed of. Immerse yourself to the ears in spectacular shootouts and high-speed chases, witness outrageous themes only Saints Row can afford in an original tale that tells the story of the Saints' rise to power. Enjoy the freedom to play the entire campaign with a friend in a smooth, unhindered co-op mode where you can push the boundaries with your gang and generate crazy, unique actions together.

Discover Saint Row at PGA

Saints Row is another title, next to Floodland, that will be available in the PLAION zone. The game debuted just a few weeks ago, so PGA participants will be able to test it just after the premiere.

This is not the end of the attractions that await players in the PLAION zone. In the near future, further productions will be announced, which can be found during Poznań Game Arena 2022.