INEA SIMRACING – Challenges for all Fans of racing Games


The Official Internet Provider at PGA 2022 is preparing a real treat for all fans of virtual racing. Both beginners and professionals will compete in INEA SIMRACING challenge.

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INEA has been focusing on providing fast and symmetrical Internet for years. Therefore, it offers services that are often chosen by players for whom the most important factors are the speed and stability of the link provided by the fibre-optic Internet. Now the supplier is starting an event aimed at all fans of racing games - INEA SIMRACING. The brand's campaign is dedicated to both amateurs, racing games enthusiasts and professional drivers. The final of the competition will be played during the largest gaming event in Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. Poznań Game Arena, scheduled for October 7-9 this year. INEA has been the Official Internet Provider for this event since 2018.

The INEA SIMRACING challenge consists of three main pillars. The first is INEA FUN RACE, in which beginner drivers will race for the best lap time and advance to the grand finale that will be played during this year's Poznań Game Arena. The players will compete from August 22 to September 26. Attractive prizes await the winners (including Playstation 5, gaming equipment).

The second pillar of INEA SIMRACING is the INEA PRO RACE for advanced players who will test their skills behind the wheel of a KS Lamborghini Huracan GT3 at the famous British Silverstone circuit. The cycle starts on August 24 and will last until September 18. Professional competitors will compete in two semi-final races and in the final, in which the prize pool is 10,000 PLN. The semi-finals and the final itself will be streamed on the channel of Gametoon television, which is a partner of the INEA SIMRACING campaign.

The most popular influencers have been invited to join INEA SIMRACING. Their struggles will be available on the Gametoon channel in September as part of INEA STAR RACE. In the six-episode series of the gaming program, we will see Anastasia "Stazja" Białek, Paulina "Shini" Gorczyńska, Wojciech "Łozo" Łozowski and Nikodem "Gluhammer" Królewski competing against each other. The TV program participants will also appear at INEA FUN ZONE, a special zone for players prepared by INEA at the Poznań Game Arena. Everyone who visits the zone will be able to compete with the ambassadors of the action and try their skill behind the wheel of professional racing simulators, fighting for attractive prizes.

- Gamers are one of the most conscious and demanding groups among Internet users. What they care about is not only the speed of the connection, but most of all stable services. I am glad that many of them choose our fiber optic offer, because it is the best proof of the quality of our services. For 4 years, INEA Internet has been an indispensable element of Poznań Game Arena, where we are happy to meet and talk with all players. The INEA SIMRACING is our next activity addressed to this group, but we hope that others will also join it. Today I encourage everyone to participate in the event and I hope to see you at the Poznań Game Arena - comments Maciej Piechociński, President of the Management Board of INEA Sp. z o.o.

The simracing campaign is a response to the constantly growing number of fans of virtual racing. Gametoon's INEA Star Race shows that simracing can be fun for everyone, regardless of experience. In this way, we want to promote this type of esport, which as one of the few has so much in common with its real counterpart. We know how many fans watch the competition on the Internet, which is why we will show the races of professionals in the INEA Pro Race on the Gametoon Polska channel on Twitch - says Jakub Bajek, Program Director of Gametoon.

In the organisation of INEA SIMRACIMG, the supplier is supported by: ESE Entertainment - an international company dealing in esports and gaming, and 8 Bit Turtle - an internet marketing agency that is part of the GRASP group.

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