Gaming in the Lifestyle Edition - Rockstar Energy Drink at PGA 2022


ROCKSTAR ENERGY Drink as the Main Sponsor invites you to the Poznań Game Arena 2022 fair, which is held on 7-9 October in Poznań. The brand will once again show its non-standard approach to the topic of casual gaming. Come to the fair and see what the world of gaming looks like when mixing it with music and lifestyle - a collaboration nobody asked for, but everyone needed.

ROCKSTAR ENERGY Drink is a brand that strives to be present in all areas that are important to its consumers, but is also aware of how many different goals they pursue every day.

“We realize that many young, active people are passionate about gaming and it is an important part of their lives. That is why we want to provide them with energy to act and support them in developing their passions. We will make sure that our gaming zone will provide the participants of the event with many unforgettable and exciting impressions ”- says Paulina Rajewska, Senior Brand Manager Rockstar Energy Drink.

It will not be the brand's first non-standard presence in the gaming world. The company made a strong presence already in February, as a strategic partner of one of the most famous projects of this year - SHIF7 - the largest influencer gaming league in Poland, in which rappers, internet creators, sportsmen and e-sportsmen as well as well-known Twitch streamers compete with each other hand in hand with their fans in various games.

The ROCKSTAR ENERGY Drink zone will be a specially arranged creative space filled with attractions that you have to include in your “to do” list during this year’s PGA.

On Friday, October 7, the popular streamer Adamcy will invite visitors to play games such as: Worms W.M.D, Fall Guys and League of Legends. In addition, the most active visitors to the zone will have a chance to take part in a competition with amazing prizes. From Saturday on, Adamcy will be joined by another well-known streamer, Mikołaj "Silv4n" Sinacki, who will conduct, among others, interviews with famous guests and quizzes with prizes for those willing to use the KAHOOT app.

For those who love to compete and have fun, the semi-finals and the final round of the BITWA ROBALI OPEN tournament is held on Saturday. On one side of the ladder there will be two invited formations of well-known internet creators BAMBIKA (TOM, PEVOR, SNAX) and TEAM ADAMCY. Opposite will be pairs selected by online open qualifiers, where each visitor to the zone will be able to participate after a prior registration.

However, if Worms W.M.D is not your game, then there will be another opportunity to face the famous XAYOO INDUSTRIES players or the Lewus and Vvarion duo in ABYSS2V2 on Sunday. The qualifiers will be conducted by Silv4n and Adamcy who will select the final teams.

It is worth coming and cheering up the players during the games, because after both finals there will be time for joint photos with your favorite creators.  

There will also be a place to catch a breath, where everyone will be able to recharge their phones as well as themselves with an energy drink, sitting on comfortable sofas and listening to famous DJs from Polish scenes.

The ROCKSTAR ENERGY Drink zone is also an opportunity to meet and high five with such internet creators as: Kasix, Remsua, TOM223, Pevor, Snax, LukiSteve, Vstzky, Lewus, Vvarion, Nervarien, Czekolad, Izak.

For the first time in the history of PGA, the exhibitor will not conduct one-way communication, but will invite all streamers to his world. As part of the zone, the brand will provide everyone interested with a streaming room with professional equipment, ready for transmission. This is a great opportunity for those smaller and larger streamers to prepare a quick report on PGA 2022 or interview special guests during the fair.