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FAQ - Questions and answers 

What is PGA?

PGA, which stands for Poznań Game Arena, is the largest and most important gaming and multimedia entertainment expo in Central and Eastern Europe. Its history dates back to 2004, boasting nearly 20 years of tradition, experience, and relationships with both exhibitors and visitors. This spectacular event is dedicated to all gaming enthusiasts, new gaming technologies, and multimedia. It spans over 3 days filled with exciting tournaments, contests, game and equipment premieres, attracting over 47,000 visitors in 2022. At PGA, you will find hundreds of gaming stations, meet dozens of game developers and popular gaming YouTubers, and explore exhibitor booths spread across 6 pavilions.

Where does PGA take place?

The Gaming and Multimedia Entertainment Fair - Poznań Game Arena (PGA) takes place in Poznań at the MTP Expo, right next to the PKP Railway Station. The address is: Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań, Poland.

The event will be held in pavilions 7, 7A, 8, and 8A (also known as the "Czteropak") as well as pavilions 6 and 5A


  • Eastern Entrance from Głogowska Street, vis-a-vis the Dworcowy Bridge

  • Western Entrance from Śniadeckich Street"

Can I buy tickets for Poznań Game Arena at the ticket counters on-site?

Yes, but it will be associated with queuing at the ticket counter. It's also important to remember that tickets purchased at the counters on the day of the event will have a higher price than those offered in online pre-sale. Therefore, we encourage you to buy tickets online in advance, which will make entry to the event easier and faster.

Online tickets can be found here:

Can you enter and exit the MTP Expo with one ticket?

No, tickets sold for Poznań Game Arena are for single entry only. In the case of a weekend pass, it allows one entry for each day of the fair (Saturday and Sunday). If you leave the MTP Expo on a given day, there is no possibility to return to the fair on the same ticket.

Is the number of tickets or visitors limited?

Yes, it is determined by the capacity of the fair pavilions, but the capacity is large enough that we do not expect a situation where we will have to close ticket sales.

And what if I come by car?

Visitors who choose to come by car can use the underground parking at PWK, which is located on the premises of the MTP Expo in Poznań (entrance from Głogowska Street). The number of spaces is limited, and it's not possible to purchase parking tickets in advance.

Due to the high interest in the event, we recommend using public transportation for getting there.

Will my PGA ticket also grant me access to the Game Industry Conference?

No, the events are ticketed separately. The PGA ticket does not include admission to the Game Industry Conference. The exception might be the so-called "open lectures." You can find them in the schedule on the conference organizer's website. 

Are there any family tickets?


Are there cheaper or free tickets for children at Poznań Game Arena?

Children up to 6 years old (inclusive) enter for free. For older children, regular prices apply.

Do I need to print the PGA ticket purchased online?

Not necessary - you can have the ticket on your phone, but for traditionalists, we recommend printing it. :) The barcode is essential - it must be undamaged and clearly visible.

My ticket looks strange, how can I check if it's okay?

First of all, do not publicly share its photo on the internet. This could allow others to print the barcode, which grants entry at the gates. For inquiries, you can contact us through the PGA Facebook page:

Can I get a pro forma invoice for purchasing tickets to PGA?

Yes, to obtain a pro forma invoice, please get in touch with the online ticket office where you plan to make the purchase (prior to the purchase).

Is PGA safe for young children?

The expo ensures full safety. However, due to the crowd, it's best to have small, still-dependent children under constant supervision. We highly recommend noise-canceling headphones for children under 3 years old. Based on experience, kids above 6 years old have a great time at PGA, and teenagers above 13 years old don't require adult supervision and "rule" the event :)

Will there be childcare services at PGA?

No. Children and youth below 13 years old can enter PGA only under the care of an adult guardian.

Which entrances to PGA will be open?

Eastern Entrance

Western Entrance

Where can I purchase a ticket to PGA?

You can buy tickets at both the Eastern Hall (entrance from Głogowska Street) and the Western Hall (entrance from Śniadeckich Street).

How long is the wait in line to enter PGA?

We strive to keep the average wait time in line under 10 minutes. Sometimes, you can enter right away, but usually, the morning hours have longer queues, and the wait time may increase.

However, we plan to introduce fast gates and more entrances to make the waiting time as short as possible.

Can I buy food at the expo?

Yes – you can find both lunch and snacks, drinks, and sweets at the fairgrounds. The Exhibition Halls house MTP Cafe and MTP Bistro as well as the Food Zone.

We also encourage you to visit the Garden City Restaurant at MTP – Pavilion PCC.

Is there an ATM at the expo?

You can make cashless payments at the expo (which we recommend), and you can also withdraw cash using the cashback feature when making purchases at MTP Cafe and MTP Bistro points. The maximum cash withdrawal limits are 300 PLN for VISA cards and 500 PLN for MasterCard.

The ATM is located outside the fairgrounds, in front of the Eastern Entrance from the side of Most Dworcowy / Głogowska Street.