PGA Awards

7/28/2022 7:33:01 AM


PGA Awards is a unique competition dedicated to Indie games creators who present their projects at the fair.

For gaming studios from Poland and other parts of the world, it is a great opportunity to present their latest projects during Poznań Game Arena. As they received the award it emphasizes the presence of the exhibitors even more. Moreover, it is an expression of special recognition on the part of people who have been active in the gaming industry for many years.

The winners are selected by jury of the competition, where you can find famous and appreciated representatives of gamedev industry:

  • Marek Czerniak and Jakub Wójcik – Indie Games Polska
  • Jakub Marszałkowski – Game Industry Conference
  • Artur Witkowski - Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
  • Mateusz Witczak –
  • Tadeusz Zieliński – Polsat Games / Flying Wild Hog
  • Paweł Miechowski – 11 bit studios
  • Maciej Miąsik – Movie Games
  • Michał Król –
  • Łukasz Wołonkiewicz – Project Director of Poznan Game Arena

Every year the prizes are awarded in the following categories:

  • The Best Indie Game of PGA
  • The Best Indie Booth of PGA
  • The Best International Indie Game

The winners of last year's edition:

  • Best Indie Booth - Frozen District
  • Best Indie International Game - Heavy Duty Challenge
  • Best Indie Game - Against The Storm

PGA Awards 2022 is coming

For those who would like to compete in the PGA Awards 2022 – we are strongly encouraged to apply and reserve the spot in the Indie games zone during Poznań Game Arena. To do this, please contact the exhibitor's supervisor.

Exhibitors Account Specialist

Hanna Skrzypczak