Web3 Game Arena


This year's edition of Poznań Game Arena will open a new chapter in the history of this event. For the first time during the Poznań gaming and multimedia fair, games utilizing Web3 technology will be showcased.

Since 2004, Poznań Game Arena has been the venue where the most renowned games, prepared by leading producers, are presented. Every year, tens of thousands of gamers participate in premieres and pre-premiere showcases, getting hands-on with demo versions of games long before their official release, all within the pavilions of the International Poznań Trade Fair.

This year's PGA edition will deliver an entirely new experience to gamers. Within the Web3 Game Arena located in Pavilion 7, only titles and projects leveraging Web3 technology will be featured.

What is Web3 Game Arena?

W3GA is an entirely new event, a part of the PGA trade fair, aimed at increasing awareness of Web3 technology's potential in games, while also providing a forum for dialogue and knowledge-sharing among individuals in the gaming industry. Web3 Game Arena is targeted at gaming enthusiasts, developers, and enthusiasts of the emerging metaverse trend within the blockchain space.

This project is a result of collaboration between Poznań Game Arena, ESE Entertainment, and Metapro. This partnership will focus on exploring the potential collaboration between the gaming, e-sports, Metaverse, DeFi, and GameFi sectors. It's a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of these fields to meet and acquaint themselves with the latest developments in the Web3 gaming market.

Łukasz Wołonkiewicz, Director of Poznań Game Arena: As PGA, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with Metapro and to form a partnership with ESE Entertainment. We believe that blockchain technology offers many new opportunities to the gaming industry. I am confident that W3GA will provide many positive experiences to gamers, developers, and game creation companies.

Michał Bartczak, Metapro Co-Founder & CTO: I'm excited about how W3GA showcases the potential collaboration between e-sports, games, and Web3 games. Our goal is to unite these different elements to create a thriving and evolving gaming market, and this event is evidence of the exceptional synergy achievable in the industry.

Konrad Wasiela, Chief Executive Officer and Director of ESE Entertainment: At ESE Entertainment, we have been involved in blockchain projects for two years. In 2021, we organized Skillz Vault in the Chinese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, South Korean, and Japanese markets. Since 2022, we have been collaborating with Metapro, which was a sponsor of the Indie Games zone at PGA in 2022 and a partner of the Game Industry Conference. The organization of W3GA is a natural step in ESE's engagement in the blockchain sector.

What's in the Program?

Web3 Game Arena will be divided into several parts. The first part is an exhibition where titles utilizing Web3 technology will be presented. For gamers, this will be a perfect opportunity to check out these productions. Meanwhile, the creators themselves will showcase the latest solutions and achievements related to Web3 technology in games, as well as share advancements in this field.

The second part of W3GA will primarily delight those who want to expand their knowledge about the possibilities of using Web3 in games. The program will include numerous lectures and panel discussions featuring well-known specialists. The event will also have a practical component. Pavilion 7 will host many contests and workshops, allowing participants to acquire new practical skills. For those hungry for competition, the GameJam awaits, offering a perfect challenge for blockchain developers.

Poznań Game Arena will take place from October 6th to 8th, 2023, at the MTP Expo.