PGA Cosplay Show


Undoubtedly, the most colorful part of the event. Dozens of professional cosplayers participate in the fair. The highlight of the fair is the final of the PGA Cosplay Show, where the most interesting costumes are selected.

Cosplay shows have been a part of Poznań Game Arena since its inception. Since 2014, the presence of cosplayers has taken the form of a show/competition called the PGA Cosplay Show, which takes place on the last day of PGA, and the best costumes and performances are judged and awarded.

Prestigious show and hundreds of creators at PGA

The Cosplay Show at PGA is a prestigious competition featuring 20 finalists showcasing their best costumes and embodying characters from games, movies, or popular culture.

In addition to the competition, each edition of Poznań Game Arena attracts nearly 500 creators in costumes, who can be found at booths and exhibition halls. Our participants eagerly take photos with cosplayers, who put on a true show with their costumes and immersion in the characters they portray, not only during the Sunday show :)

Shappi and the wonderful community of creators

The Cosplay Show competition at PGA has gained its prestige and current form thanks to fruitful cooperation with co-organizer Aleksandra Tora, known in the cosplay world as Shappi Workshop. Every year, Ola oversees the submissions to the competition, assembles the jury, and ensures the smooth running of the entire show and the cosplay zone during PGA.

Information about this year's edition of PGA Cosplay Show will be published soon!